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Grip SizeSelling
ConditionListing StatusDistance To
BuyBabolatAero PureAdult98Grip 3(4 3/8)£110.00Excellent 2 days left
BuyBabolatDrive G 115Adult115Grip 2(4 1/4)£50.00Excellent 2 days left
BuyBabolatBabolat pure drive teamAdult100Grip 4(4 1/2)£100.00Excellent 3 days left
BuyBabolatPure Drive Tour GTAdult645Grip 2(4 1/4)£85.00Excellent 6 days left
BuyBabolat2016 Pure Strike 100Adult100Grip 4(4 1/2)£100.00Excellent 6 days left
BuyBabolatbabolat job lot or bags racketsAdult£1000.00Excellent 9 days left
BuyBabolatDrive Z liteAdult100Grip 3(4 3/8)£50.00Excellent 11 days left
BuyBabolatPure Strike 100AdultGrip 3(4 3/8)£120.00Excellent 17 days left
BuyBabolatBabolat Pure Drive Wimbledon Tennis Racket (2017)AdultGrip 5(4 5/8)£90.00Excellent 18 days left
BuyBabolatPure Drive Tour 2015Adult100Grip 1(4 1/8)£80.00Excellent 18 days left
BuyBabolatPure Drive Lite GT TechnologyAdult100Grip 2(4 1/4)£75.00Good 22 days left
BuyBabolatPure StrikeAdultGrip 4(4 1/2)£70.00Excellent 26 days left
BuyBabolatPure Control 95Adult95Grip 3(4 3/8)£80.00Excellent 39 days left
BuyBabolatPure AeroAdult100Grip 4(4 1/2)£87.00Excellent 47 days left
BuyBabolatPure Drive S LiteAdult100Grip 0(4)£35.00Average 47 days left
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