The following provides an overview of Badminton Racket features. This should help you in selecting a used Badminton Racket.

Badminton Racket Head Heavy

Badminton Rackets that are head heavy allow players to play a powerful game from the back of the court. The extra mass in the head increases the power of their clears and smashes.

Badminton Racket Head Middle

Badminton rackets that are head middle attempt to give the player enough power from the back and enough control + manoeuvrability at the front. Badminton rackets that are head middle allow players to develop an all-round game.

Badminton Racket Head Light

Head light badminton rackets are great for players that like the extra speed the racket gives you. The extra speed of manoeuvrability in the front and mid court allows for great control and defence.

Badminton Racket Strings

Badminton Racket strings with tensions greater than 26lbs have high string tensions and offer players better control and power. Badminton Rackets with string tensions between 23-26lbs are more suited towards Amateur players.

Badminton Racket Grips

Badminton Racket grip size comes in three types, G3 G4 and G5. G3 is larger than G4 and G5. Most badminton rackets sold in Europe have G3 grip size.