The following provides an overview of Squash Racket features. This should help you in selecting a used Squash Racket.

Squash Racket Head Size

Squash Rackets head size can vary in diameter from small to super-oversized. Squash Rackets with large heads have more contact space and greater power making them ideal for beginners. Squash Rackets with small width, produce less air resistance and are more suited to players that have better technique and touch play.

Squash Racket Weight

Squash rackets weights are generally between 110g and 160g. Most Squash players, especially beginners, prefer a squash racket weights in the middle range. Highly skilled players play with rackets outside of above weight boundaries.

Squash Racket Throats

Squash Racket throat are either open or closed. Closed throat rackets have a small string bed and small sweet spot. These rackets are suited to touch players. Open throat rackets, have larger string beds and are more suited towards beginners.

Squash Racket Grip

Squash Racket handles can be round or more rectangular in shape. Squash Racket grip thickness can be adjusted by adding or reducing the amount of grip wraps on the handle.

Squash Racket String

Squash Racket with high tension strings enables the player to have more increase control. Looser strings allow the player to generate power.